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What is Selah’s River?

Selah’s River is a nonprofit, whose mission is to raise funds to help combat child trafficking and exploitation, both here and around the globe, and to raise awareness of this terrible injustice so that we may see an end to it in our lifetime

Who do we help?

The funds we raise are going to the organizations working directly to rescue children from abuse, both in foreign countries (such as Brazil and Cambodia) and here at home.

How can YOU help make a difference?

You can donate to Selah’s River and receive a CD from one of our artists. 100% of every contribution goes to help children who are being trafficked or who are in danger of being trafficked

Non Profits Selah’s River International Inc. Supports

  • Magdalene Hope
  • Shores of Grace
  • Iris Cambodia
  • In summary, I want the things that are important to my Father to become important to me. I want to value what He values.
    Taking care of His beloved children is what’s on His Heart and He asked me if I wanted to join with Him. I said, “Yes!”.

    Paul Barton – Selahs River Founder