PrintFounders of UK charity ‘The Mission Worldwide’, and directors of the international NGO, ‘Iris Cambodia’. They are both ordained ministers and directors of Iris Ministries. They started their itinerate ministry in 2006 traveling throughout the nations ministering and serving the poor, seeing radical transformations, signs and wonders as they went. They freely minister in prophetic & healing gifting across a number of denominations of church, releasing the power of the Spirit and bringing a message through the Word of God that releases freedom.

They are renowned international speakers, raising awareness of issues of poverty, injustice and human trafficking. Much of the their work is focused on Cambodia, which is notorious as a source, transit and destination country for human trafficking. They are facilitating rescue operations from brothels and are currently working to establish a rehabilitation centre in Cambodia for these children. TMW seeks to adopt a holistic approach to this challenging mission and to fight causes of child prostitution in addition to rescuing those who are being exploited. They are committed to the eradication of human trafficking within this generation.

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